potterfreak1 (potterfreak1) wrote in writers_in_dark,

poem i wrote

Overrun by powerful emotions
Trapped at a dead end
Only way out is to conquer the dreaded emotion
It's like a shadow so dark and menacing
I avoid it at all times

The shadow follows me wherever I go
Never relenting
Becoming more powerful as its quest progresses
The more I avoid it the stronger it becomes

Never letting me forget
Never giving me a moments peace
No matter how hard I try to repress what I'm feeling
Its always there
Growing stronger as each moment passes

Days go by
I get better at hiding behind a mask
Pretending to be normal
Soon the days give in to weeks
And the weeks surrender to months
Slowly my mask becomes reality
And I forget about the shadow lurking inside
Until one day
When the shadow takes over
Leaving me defenseless to its power
Left to fend myself in the wake of destruction

you can find this poem in the creative corner of http://selfhelp.yuku.com a mental health support site that i made, and i would love to have your poems at the site. hope it helps you.
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