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For Death Took You

It's me again. This poem was inspired by the fact that some of my loved ones have passed away. This is in the point of view of a guy.



You feel no pain and cold

As you sleep on;

You dream no dream

In your blank mind.


You let nothing caress,

Smoothen that cold, lifeless skin,

You let no warmth

Seep in deep.


Fluttering of eyelids

Are impossible—

You are immobile

As you rest.


I disturb you not

As you lie there;

I pause to imagine

You still breathing.


You know nothing,

You remember none at all.

It’s bliss for you;

I envy you, since I feel pain, still.


You have withered young.

Your unmarred face

Pale and white,

Your lips turning blue.


The image I see

Is the opposite

Of the you that made my lips

Curl upwards each day.


Your radiance is gone,

Your light has vanished.

I’m left with a void,

I’m left with grief.


As I walk away,

I reminisce your last moments—

Our last moments—as companions

Prior to your passing away.


And salty tears cascade down my cheeks

From my dull brown eyes.

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