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The Reason for My Sorrow

This is a poem that I composed three years ago when I was still a freshman in high school (according to my country's educational standard). I was 13 back then.

The POV (point of view) of this poem is of a guys'. So this poem is not exactly about me because I'm a girl (although I was struck by my own emotions in this). It doesn't follow any specific rhythm. I'm a little dark, but I'm definitely not emo. Depressed? Yes. Gloomy? Yes. Emo? No.

And I'm very sleepy because here in my side of the earth, it's already 2:16 am....

The Reason for My Sorrow

You are the reason why
I'm smiling in delight,
For your eyes, they gleam
With their own unique light.

I know you're sincere
Of everything you say and do,
Unlike myself who is not, will not be
As sincere and true as you.

You are the reason why
I think before I sleep at night
Only to find that I would awake
Into reality-- it gives me fright.

I know you hate it
When I feel depressed,
My head bent very low.
But don't you know
That you are the reason why?
No, you don't know.

I know you love to see Calla lilies,
Which mean undying beauty.
For it matches you, the lily,
It matches your beauty completely.

You are the reason why
I smile when I see one everyday
For you are my only,
One and only beauty.
But I'm not yours,
And you're not mine
And that reality only saddens me.

You are the reason why
My heart bleeds slowly
From painful feelings, I can't withstand.
My heart is vacant, so is my life,
With you, not holding my outstretched hand.

You are the reason why
I dwell in and treasure the past
For memories are the only things
That I can catch and grasp.
But all of these memoreis
Are shrouded with unbearable pain
Making me suffer, torturing me whole.
Endless, bottomless, like a large, black hole.

I know that you only
Consider me as a friend
A best friend, in fact,
With a friendship that would never end.
But our bond ends there,
Yes, we're nothing more
Yes, we will always be friends forever
Only friends, and nothing,
Nothing more.

With a heavy heart,
I force myself to endure,
Endure the pain that I feel'
Endure forevermore.
But everyday I dread
My future and tomorrow
For tomorrow, you'll be,
Yes, always be,
The reason for my sorrow.

Please tell me what you think. Opinions are highly appreciated and welcome. Just don't be too harsh.

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