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Dark Matter

In the days of old, the priest whom they called Nonimb had sought to uncover The Secret. When Nonimb found The Secret he was astonished, as it was surprisingly held within a young girl named Akasha. He had never had the intention of killing a human for The Secret. Relentlessly he sought to unveil the truth. But it had not been he who had found the teen, in fact she had come straight to him. Nonimb watched her in the dreamland, studied her psyche for a very long time until the answers began to unfold in a series of peculiar events. This time was in an age before our planet took the once microscopic organisms, and had turned them into immortal demons.

Humans called them demons or beings with no soul. Souls are made from the ingredients of the elements of dreams and dark matter. These beings were of no soul, only they could retain physical life and flesh on and on throughout the decades. They never slept, for they preyed upon those in the dreamworld for energy. These demons had virility and none can see an end to their plight as the darkness had begun to take over the Universe.

It had been an age of forgotten time, and all the creepers and creatures who were enemies of the Queen came unto earth in a rage of Nightmares. There were Reptilian beasts of all sizes and talents. There were the flying seamonsters, the giant worms, the bat-winged drakkos, and the herculean beasts of the bird-watchers. The bird-watchers could shape-shift into any creature that flies. But none of the creatures could ever compare to powers of The Black Mage.

It had been rumored by the creatures of the Etherworld that the black mage, whom the creatures called Luciferous was once a being with five wings and three eyes. It was said that Luciferous had been the first 'God-Form' creation amongst the living, and that he had come to spread an age of enlightenment and alignment of the Cosmos. It was then said that this God-Form learned of the four sacred elements: earth, fire, water, wind. Later came the learning of solar and ether. With this knowledge of the workings of the Universe, Luciferous had the power to bring about an army of angels to disperse his power.

Only the Angels rebelled once given the knowledge of the elements, and left Luciferous to wander the farthest corner of the Universe, where he become a being of both water and mist. Luciferous had been in a state of sorrow, and his moan was said to seem of Banshees. Some of the magic of Luciferous remained on the dry lands however, even after he had been rejected by his own creations. Then it is said that there came a new power, and that was the power of a woman.

Ash was born in a village on the coast of the Egyptian Princess' third palace. She was said to have the power to heal with touch, or of 'healer's hands' she also had another power, which was once a secret to all who encountered her miracles and that was of the power to speak with the dead. When Ash learned of her powers, she desired to change the world around her and bring back her mother who had died at the hands of Cleopatra's army. Although Ash had never practiced the art of sorcery, her mother had been accused of this black magic and had been murdered.

When Luciferous' one consort the Great Vulture, learned through dreamwalk of Ash's power he spread news high and low to all the creatures of the Ether. It was decided that the return of the King was at hand, before Ash could become all powerful. And although Luciferous had spent a long time weeping and wreaking havoc within volcanos, he had never abandoned his powers only had he taken a break...or so it was said.

It was in a time when Ash was reaping great fortune in gold and silver from the villagers, who came to Ash to be healed of all diseases imaginable. The days seemed to grow ever-longer, and longer. Then they grew hotter, she waited in mosquito tents for customers who claimed all sorts of varied issues. Some diseases she cured were purely psychological. One man came to her claiming he had a serious case of "The fear of tall trees". It was a fear she could never quite understand. But she cured him of it anyways.

Then there came that dreadful day, when a storm ripped through and seemed to only affect the village itself. No one had died in the storm, although many homes were destroyed. Ash had never attempted it before, though she felt she might attempt it. She concentrated all her focus towards healing the storm itself. And soon enough, the sun came out and all was good. But not good for long. There was rumor of a visitor, he wore a great black cloak and called himself the Magician.

When he came there was a vulture circle following everywhere he went. All the people knew this meant bad luck, but also they feared this Magician enough to leave him alone. He came for one person and one only, and this came as no surprise even. He was searching for Ash the healer.

Luciferous had learned the art of necromancy, & it was far worse than merely speaking with the dead. For although within the great Nile there was the true Luciferous, the man whom Luciferous re-animated was not anyone that anyone could recognize. The great beast within the water was far more scary and he had to take this form for anyone to listen. The body he inhibited, he had searched for through a millennium and had kept all to himself for another. It was the body of the first man who created him. But the body was not without the original being inside it...and that was the worst part. For Luciferous had trapped the very essence of his life within the heart of his body to use to control the very thing that that man had created, which was GOD.

To be Continued....
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