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I need sleep! sort of comical



“Social Rules or What make who”


Without trends

They don’t care who you are

With popular friends

You’re a movie star

Some girls are geeks until they make cheer

They once were called freaks

But she’s sexy this year

Reading’s for nerds

Cheerleaders are stuck up

You’re a total whore

If you’re past a C-cup

Jocks are boneheads

Guys whose best friends are girls

Are always homos

If you cut your wrist

You’re such an emo

If girls wear mini skirts

She wants some action

People only have crazy hair

Just want a reaction

Did you know pretty girls

Have never have problems

Every good-looking guy

Has a wallet full of condoms

What’s wrong with society

Are they trying to fit in

By labeling people

Making up there sins

Why can’t in but

Not be labeled

There are a lot of cool people

That doesn’t sit at the popular table

What started all this

Will it ever end

By judging people by stereotypes

What kind of message do you think that sends

Think about it

When putting everyone in these groups

Have you ever thought of

What people say about you









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